Auto ID Services & Data Capture Systems

We cover the full Auto ID life-cycle and all your requirements – including Data Capture Systems & Auto ID Services

Whatever challenges you’re facing, we’ll use our specialist expertise and established manufacturer relationships and make your investment a seamless, time-saving success. It’s not just the best equipment – our hands-on experience of new and legacy solutions means you get the best implementation, the best integration, and the best fit.

We don’t believe in shifting boxes. We don’t start by pushing products. We’ll get to know your needs and guide you through the entire process – from designing the right solution to staging and configuration, then supporting your solution for the long-term. We love a challenge. And you’ll love how we solve them.

We work with some of the best partners in the industry, but we’re particularly proud of our partnership with Mother Nature. At every level, we’re driven to deliver on our company-wide aim to reduce electronic waste and be a responsible partner you can be proud to do business with.

• We repair and upgrade equipment wherever possible, avoiding unnecessary disposal.
• We recycle any disused units.
• We make a sustainable contribution to reducing electronic waste.

We’re partners for the full lifecycle of your Auto ID solution. And we work to make that lifecycle as long as possible, avoiding costly reinvestment every few years.

As a Zebra supplies specialist, we can provide labels, media, colour printing solutions, and more – everything you need to stay productive. We can even give your most dated hardware a new lease of life with new batteries, both from our manufacturer partners and through non-OEM battery options.

Dramatically accelerating your time-to-value, we can give you cash for your old or surplus Auto ID hardware. It’s a way to get a more immediate return on your investment and reduce your own disposal or recycling costs. All while helping us to meet our goal of reusing or disposing of equipment responsibly.

Contact us anytime to discuss your excess hardware and get a quote.

From cosmetic fixes to board-level repairs, we’re here to get you back to business fast.

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your scanning hardware, smartphones, or other IT, try us – we repair anything and everything that has a main board.

Our clients choose us for our flexibility – and that’s flexibility you’ll find every step of the way. In terms of equipment, our rental and leasing programmes help you control your capital while optimising performance.

Meanwhile, our Service and Maintenance is tailored to your business. After all, why should servicing be one-size-fits-all when your installation is one-of-a-kind? Contact us for a quote and get the level of service that makes sense for your business and your budget.

From new systems to legacy equipment, we can implement installations faster and recommend hardware from a position of technical authority – not purely on cost. So, whether you’re considering a new implementation or looking for advice on your existing one, we’ll give you the level of insight you need to make informed decisions.

Even the most experienced, qualified and capable partner is useless if they’re hard to get hold of. That’s why we offer telephone support 8am-5pm daily – so you can always reach someone who can help with routine questions or sudden disasters.

The sooner you start using your new Auto ID solution, the sooner you feel the impact on productivity, data integrity, and performance. We’re proud to deliver equipment that’s ready to be used from the moment it arrives on-site.

From supporting software to handling device pairing, we’ll help you hit the ground running. We can even remotely reset your kit, so you never need to wait around for an engineer visit.

We don’t just make sure your technology is working. We make sure it’s working hard to maximise your productivity.

Whether you’re facing a network problem or looking for ways to optimise your existing Auto ID solution, we can consult on making the most of your investment. Get in touch and see the opportunities you could be missing out on.

With experience in Microsoft.NET and Android development, we can develop bespoke software that’s a tailored match to your business and operations. We even delivered a complete inventory management application to one client in just 8 weeks.

Just let us know what you need and when you need it – we’ll take care of everything, from testing and debugging to deployment and staging.


We provide a wide range of services. But, more than Auto ID suppliers or repair experts, we’re a team that solves real-world business challenges – so if you don’t see the service you’re looking for, get in touch. There’s a good chance we can help.

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At every level, we’re driven to deliver on our company-wide aim to reduce electronic waste and be a responsible partner you can be proud to do business with. We have a stock of refurbished and legacy equipment to join your current setup.

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